Key Terms


  • A rapid spontaneous growth or a broad deep undulation of the ocean caused by an often distant gale or seismic disturbance. 

  • The visual quality of our environment defines us as individuals and citizens of a certain place. It becomes internalized and part of our sel-finage. The definition of groundswell and landscape is not limited to our natural environment, but more importantly focuses on the landscapes we are building for ourselves in which we work, live shop, commute, and generally exist.

REVITALIZE (session 1)

  • Defined as a many-sided effort including revalorization, restoration, reconstruction, modernization, and actions aimed at revival of a building, district devastated by various aspects, also economic and social. 

  • Determines the factors, such as society, local and state authorities and other institutions, that can initiate and shape the development processes of a given area.

RENEW (session 2)

  • Redevelopment often used to address urban decay in cities

  • Restore economic viability to a given area by attracting external private and public investment and by encouraging business start-ups.

RESTORE (session 3)

  • Preservation of structures such as historic sites, houses, monuments, and other significant properties through careful maintenance and upkeep. 

  • To create accurate depictions of these locations and protect them against deterioration that could make them inaccessible or unrecognizable in the future.

  • Adaptive reuse: refers to the process of reusing an existing building for a purpose other than which it was originally built or designed for.